Membership Update

picTuesday Night, Bill Craig and myself attended the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Meeting in which approximately 50 residents and guests were in attendance.  The main topic, dearest to TRRG is the Broadway Corridor Process, presented by task force member, Mary Durham-Pfibsen.   Her positive summation of the 2 1/2 year process was met with concern, pointing to the start of the design phase which appears to be devoid of resident participation.  Bill C. and I introduced TRRG after the election of SMNHA’s board members of which Mr. Craig is one.  We pointed out the obvious reasons to be a TRRG member and some history. This is our 2nd neighborhood presentation as a committee function committee.  It appears to be a good model to follow.   Bonnie Poulos is the committee chair.  We are moving towards having a committee member for each of the 6 wards for a 2015 goal with perhaps 50 visits this year to NHA’s within these wards.   TRRG has been endorsed by 22 NHA’s and community groups  Our membership count is nearing 100 members and should be easily doubled before the end of 2015.   

About Bill Ford

I am a 27 year alumni of the University College of Architecture and a 30 year resident of a University Neighborhood ten minutes from campus.
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