TRRG is actively participating in the City of Tucson’s stakeholder group considering Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations. TRRG wants to make materials related to this effort available to you.

There have been three meetings to date: 12-16-20 Presentation Notes, 01-13-21 Presentation Notes and 02-10-21 Presentation Notes

Three public meetings are to be held on February 24 and 25, 2021 that you may want to consider.    Here is more information and the registration link.


to Tucson Residents for Responsive Government


Tucson Residents for Responsive Government, TRRG for short, is a grassroots coalition of City of Tucson residents seeking a more meaningful voice in City of Tucson government.

TRRG’s goal is to effect concrete change in the way the City of Tucson interacts with its residents to ensure that all City processes reflect:

Sensitivity to Quality of Life

TRRG invites any Tucson resident who shares this goal to join our coalition as a member and any organization, business or non-resident who shares this goal to become a Friend of TRRG.