Tucson Residents for Responsive Government (TRRG, pronounced “trig”) is an all-volunteer  grassroots coalition of  City of Tucson residents seeking positive change in
City of Tucson government.

Board of Directors
TRRG members elect their Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting each April. The Board, 5-11 members elected for 3 year terms, communicates frequently and meets occasionally. It elects a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian.

Any individual who resides in the City of Tucson and who supports TRRG’s mission
may become a voting member of TRRG by completing a Membership Application and paying the $10 annual dues. Provisions will be made to insure that no one is denied membership due to financial hardship. An application for membership is available here.   Also see Membership page.

Any association, organization, business or out-of-city resident who wishes to support TRRG’s mission may become a Friend by completing a Friends Application.

All members are encouraged to serve on committees with a stated purpose aligned with the TRRG purpose. Committees may be formed from time to time at the direction of the majority of the Board of Directors or by petition to the Board signed by no fewer than 5% of the TRRG membership.

Board Meetings
According to the TRRG by-laws, the Board of Directors must meet quarterly. It will meet in May, following the Annual Meeting, to elect officers and set priorities for the coming Year. It will then meet at least once in subsequent quarters of the year. Other meetings may be held as the need arises. Agendas will be posted on the website at least one week prior to scheduled meetings.

As of April 2020, directors include:

Name Position Term
Bonnie Poulos Chairperson April 2021 – April 2024
Kristine Yarter Vice Chairperson April 2020 – April 2023
Barbara Lehmann Treasurer April 2021 – April 2024
Joan Hall Parliamentarian April 2020  – April 2023
Amanda Maass April 2021 – April 2024
Steve Poe April 2022 – April 2025
Beth Grindell April 2020 – April 2023
Ken Taylor April 2020  – April 2023
John Kovacik April 2020 – April 2023

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TRRG Bylaws

TRRG takes an active role in advocating for effective, participatory government.

For example, writing protocols to clarify and standardize City processes and procedures is imperative. Guaranteeing that input from neighborhood land use meetings will result in meaningful negotiations is long overdue.*

TRRG representatives may speak at public hearings and Mayor/ Council Call-to-the-Audience to keep topics such as these in the public view.

TRRG makes an impact when it:

  • Cooperates with City officials, staff and other stakeholders to find solutions to problems
  • Monitors Mayor/Council and City Manager staff adherence to the Five Essentials of Good Government and to Plan Tucson policies and precepts
  • Researches what works in comparable municipalities
  • Initiates solutions to problems that are identified within City government
  • Speaks at public hearings and Mayor/Council Call-to-the-Audience to keep relevant topics in the public view
  • Gathers data to justify policy changes
  • Publicizes both positive and negative findings
  • Educates through forums, media and text
  • Produces materials to facilitate public process
  • Volunteers to serve on City boards, commissions and committees

*TRRG will strongly advocate to insure that all parties have a fair and equal opportunity to engage in relevant dialogue but TRRG will remain a neutral party in this and all other discussions.

History of Tucson Residents for Responsive Government

Advocacy efforts during 2013 and preceding years were primarily reactive, issue-specific and crisis–driven. However, when approximately fifty concerned residents met during a series of workshops in Summer 2013, they found they shared the same basic dissatisfaction and disillusionment with the City of Tucson.

Flawed processes, procedures and policies were at the root of everyone’s problems. Unless these basic systemic weaknesses could be addressed, the possibilities that residents would continue moving from crisis to crisis were all too real.

An independent organization was formed to focus on the common principles these residents identified as most needed in order to improve their local government’s function. These shared values evolved into the Five Essentials of Good Government: Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Collaboration and Sensitivity to Quality of Life.

Printable TRRG  Brochure